“Your coaching is clear and joyful. It has helped relieve my depression, indecision and immobility. My therapist was so excited by the changes in my outlook, she almost squeaked.”
Cory P.

“To be frank, you are the best counselor that I have used. You assessed my entire life picture and provided advice that helped me grow and become more self-aware.”
David S.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have gained all the knowledge and support you’ve given me. You enabled me to be the best Me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Sylvie P.

About Judy

Hello. My name is Judy Smith. Years ago, I received my Registered Corporate Coach certification and launched my Life Coaching practice – the Center for Planned Change. The beginning was compelling.

When I asked my first Life Coaching client, “What brought you here?” He replied quite simply, “My life is a mess!”

In regular meetings, we spent the next 8 months differentiating all the elements contributing to his turmoil and applying strategies to address each.


In that short period of time, he literally turned his life around.

It gave me great satisfaction to see the incredible changes he made. I was delighted to have played a role in that transformation.

In the years that followed he referred several clients to me. One of those clients employed me to help her get past the pain and suffering she was experiencing as a result of her divorce. She reminded me of myself, years before my late-in-life divorce. Then, I could only find my way through the divorce recovery process by trial and error.  Now, as a result of my formal training in coaching, combined with my own personal experiences, I was able to expertly guide her through that dark time. Through one-on-one divorce coaching, she was able to build a new life after her divorce in months – instead of the years it took me.

I became passionate about helping more divorced women transform their lives, so I launched my Divorce Coaching practice.  While I guide women of all ages through the tumultuous recovery process, due to my personal experience, I reach out especially to divorced women who are 50+.

I found that many of my divorced clients were either unemployed or underemployed during their marriages and now needed to find employment to financially sustain themselves. Fortunately, earlier I had been a successful (award-winning) career coach, so I was able to leverage this experience into career coaching for these clients as well.

Despite a murky employment marketplace, my clients were able to land jobs. Their friends and family took notice, and it wasn’t long before I needed to expand my practice again – so I reopened my Career Coaching practice for all clients (i.e., in addition to those divorced).

Since I founded the Center for Planned Change, many clients have told me how much I helped them attract the lives they were meant to live.

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